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How do Male Childcare and Teaching Jobs work in partnership with universities and colleges?

By Ioannis Loukas 31 de octubre, 2021 0 comentarios

Male Childcare and Teaching Jobs collaborate with universities and colleges in a mutually beneficial way. When we approach a university or college, we are looking for access to male teachers, brilliant minds, creativity and different ways of thinking. In return, academics welcome the opportunity for us to prepare their students to be ready for the world of childcare and education, especially where innovation is required.

The best partnerships are always the ones that deliver benefits to both parties. The very nature of our partnerships with universities and colleges is that both sides are as honest and open as possible about what they hope to get out of it.


Getting access to amazing ideas, talent and prospective male teachers

Male Childcare and Teaching Jobs are looking to innovate the way nurseries and schools recruit new talent. Universities and colleges have a wealth of knowledge and talent, from world class academic researchers to students and graduates. Many academics need to work with industry partners to support their research or help their students prepare for their first work experience. These partnerships often deliver truly ground-breaking results.

For instance, Male Childcare and Teaching Jobs are joining a Student Mentoring Programme and participating in a series of Talent Team Insight Sessions at the Coventry University. This will allow prospective male teachers from the Coventry University to learn more about meaningful insights within the childcare and education industry. At the same time, these events will give Male Childcare and Teaching Jobs the amazing opportunity to connect with male students and graduates who are looking to start a career in childcare and education.

Similarly, we will be taking part in the Assessment Centre Experience at the University of Hertfordshire. The event will consist of Male Childcare and Teaching Jobs assessing students during a mock interview for a job in a nursery or school. Prospective male teachers from the University of Hertfordshire will benefit from the event by receiving valuable feedback and top tips as a result of their mock interview outcomes.  


Looking for prospective male teachers to bring the latest skills and knowledge to nurseries and schools

Connecting with male students and graduates from a wide variety of universities and colleges can bring many benefits:


- Students and graduates are provided with the right skillset and knowledge to succeed in such a dynamic industry as the childcare and education one.

- Universities and colleges provide their students with the opportunity to seek out challenges, and to be enterprising and creative.

- Universities and colleges put an emphasis on transferrable skills that prepare their graduates to be adaptable.

- The majority of students complete a Professional Training placement in childcare and education, which ensures they are work-ready and make an impact from day one.

- Students and graduates have the attributes and mindset to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.


Male Childcare and Teaching Jobs are striving to enhance their exposure to male students and graduates who are looking to start a career in education. So far, we managed to book a place at three significant jobs fairs at the London South Bank University: a part-time, a full-time and a volunteering Careers Fair.

Additionally, several universities agreed with our vision and values, and allowed their students to connect with Male Childcare and Teaching Jobs and the fantastic opportunities advertised on our jobs board. We successfully registered with 20 universities, who enabled us to post our inclusive employers’ vacancies onto their jobs boards too.


Universities and Colleges allowing us to connect with prospective male teachers


Falmouth University (approximately 5,385 students)

Kingston University (approximately 24,720 students)

Sheffield Hallam University (approximately 33,830 students)

Swansea University (approximately 20,831 students

University of Hertfordshire (approximately 25,000 students)

University of Sunderland (approximately 16,979 students)

Nottingham Trent University (approximately 26,845 students)

London South Bank University (approximately 15,497 students)

University of Suffolk (approximately 7,695 students)

Wrexham Glyndwr University (approximately 6,765 students)

University of Derby (approximately 28,964 students)

University of Sheffield (approximately 29,666 students)

University of York (approximately 18,110 students)

University of South Wales (approximately 22,330 students)

Ulster University (approximately 26,969 students)

University of Bath (approximately 18,868 students)

The Open University (approximately 175,718 students)

University of Glasgow (approximately 26,635 students)

Coventry University (approximately 34,985 students)

Newcastle University (approximately 23,864 students)


If you are looking to diversify the gender of your teaching staff and seek to connect with thousands of students and graduates across the UK, post a job with us today.

Alternatively, if you do not currently have any vacancies, but would like to showcase your commitment to gender inclusion within your nursery or school, you can create a company profile on our website, which will highlight you as an inclusive employer to the eyes of our community of male teachers and early years practitioners.

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