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Educate your children on sustainability - Earth Day 2022

By Ioannis Loukas 28 mars, 2022 0 commentaires


Educate your children on sustainability - Earth Day 2022 | Male Childcare and Teaching Jobs


Do you work at a nursery that is committed to sustainability in the Early Years? Are you a primary teacher who is passionate about making a positive impact on future generations and their planet? It’s your lucky day!

Earth Day 2022 is round the corner and we have got a surprise for you to celebrate and take action on this year’s slogan: “Invest in Our Planet”.

As individuals, we have the simple yet effective power to make our voices heard by making positive choices. What each of us does, and how we do it, has a significant ripple effect on our planet Earth.


Why is it important to teach children about sustainability?

Children are the decision-makers and educators of our future society. What we are teaching them today is going to mould their lifestyle choices in the years ahead. For this reason, it is paramount that we prepare them for the changing world and environment.

Teaching children about sustainable practices will give them the chance to plan for the future, take responsibility for their actions and look after the planet.

Whilst encouraging composting, reducing energy usage and supporting environmentally friendly products for the home are great examples of sustainability, there is a lot more that teachers and early years practitioners can do to educate children on how to live sustainably. For more inspiration, you can read this useful guide on the 52 ways to invest on our planet.


Adopting a Climate Education School Curriculum

Integrating Climate Change Education at Primary Level is a crucial component and catalyst for responding to global climate change.

In the context of climate change, there is often a need to reconsider or adjust existing approaches to education, especially their potential to provide learners with the necessary knowledge and training to help them respond to a diverse and rapidly changing world.

In order to promote climate change education, decision makers need to develop and implement relevant policies and strategies, as well as integrate these in education plans and budgets.

To adjust educational planning to climate change, it is also important to consider the impacts of climate change on migration patterns and school enrolment, infrastructure maintenance and personnel, as well as disaster risk management.

To ensure effective learning and understanding of the subject matter, climate change education should be integrated across nurseries and schools’ curricula.

The complexities of climate change require it to be addressed using a holistic approach that draws upon a range of disciplines and areas of expertise, including climate science, policy, law, ethic, sociology, economics and culture.

Furthermore, knowledge of climate change needs to be adapted to relate to specific target groups, requiring activities to be developed and tailored according to the age-group, type of school and specific needs.


Male Childcare and Teaching Jobs are passionate about sustainability in Childcare and Education

Are you doing enough to teach your children about sustainability? Do you want to ensure the next generation inherits a greener and healthier planet? It is time to empower children to take climate action through age-appropriate, fun activities!

Teaching children about climate change requires a specific approach to education. For this reason, Earth Warriors have developed the world’s first comprehensive climate education school curriculum for 3 to 11-year-olds that uses a positive and empowering approach.

Reviewed by experts from Harvard and Stanford Universities, Earth Warriors use a positive and solution-focused approach to reduce anxiety and increase hope. Their curriculum is activity-based and uses recyclable items, creating no waste. Lessons are connected to foundational learning standards and build on previous learning.

If you are interested in receiving a free lesson plan focused on sustainability for children aged 3-11, get in touch with our team today.


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