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Meet one of our job seekers, Khamisi

By Claudio Sisera 09 septembre, 2021 0 commentaires

Meet our male teacher


Meet one of our job seekers, Khamisi. He's an experienced practitioner who is eager to get in the classroom. He has worked in early years for over 10 years and knows what it takes to create an environment that really engages children. To find out more about Khamisi, we asked him a few questions...


Tell us about yourself

"I am an early years professional with 10 years of blended experience across the voluntary, public and private sectors working with children. I enjoy working with children in different capacities, whether it be one to one as a private tutor or in whole class settings as an early years practitioner or teaching assistant."


What have your responsibilities been in your previous workplaces?

"During my time working in early years settings, I have taken on various roles such as a flexible bank nursery nurse, which involves supporting rooms you are assigned to, creating activities in line with the EYFS and children’s interests, carrying out observations, and more. I have had a few promotions to Nursery Assistant, Nursery Nurse, Acting Senior Nursery Nurse and Room Senior.

During these promotions, it has all involved me taking on the role of key person to a small group of children. This meant that I had responsibility for the individual child’s well-being and care. I would carry out observations on the children in line with EYFS requirements, including under 2’s focus on Prime Areas only and over 2's focus on Prime and Specific Areas; most importantly, ensuring the child is kept at the centre of everything we do, such as planning, care, needs, etc."


What is your ideal next role?

"I would like to become either an early years teaching assistant or start on a teacher trainee position with a school."


What's the timeline for moving on to your next career?

"I am aiming to become a qualified teacher within the next 2-3 years at the most."


Why have you chosen a career in Early Years?

"I started volunteering with the early years age group from 2014 and I realised I really enjoy working with young children."


Which area of childcare and education do you find the most enjoyable and why?

"I find Mathematics enjoyable. The reason I enjoy this the most is because I generally enjoy teaching it to the children. I like seeing the smile on their faces as they begin to understand what they are learning.

I am also a private tutor and I have being teaching Maths to Early Years and Primary aged children for the past six years."


What's your favourite children's book? And why?

"My favourite children’s book is Elmer the patchwork Elephant as the book explores themes and issues relating to diversity. Diversity is really important to me and also features in one of my poems I have written."


What's been the funniest activity you have planned for your children? And why?

"I planned and created an indoor jungle safari activity. The children decorated the room and the room was rearranged to support the activity. The children really enjoyed this interactive activity."


What skills do you feel children should learn through play?

"The skills I believe children should learn through play are cooperation, communication skills, fine and gross motor skills, personal, social and emotional skills."


What skills do you think are important when working in a team?

"The skills I believe are essential when working in a team is teamwork. If colleagues or staff members can work together effectively, it improves on work relations and helps present the organisation you work for in a positive light."


The interview has been enlightening and we hope it will help Khamisi find the perfect job. If you are looking to hire educators like Khamisi, post a job on our website or contact us to learn more about ways you can promote your vacancies to male teachers. We look forward to hearing from you!

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