Aprons On, Stereotypes Off: ‘Men in the Kitchen Cook-Off’ Fundraising for Movember 2023

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Aprons On, Stereotypes Off: ‘Men in the Kitchen Cook-Off’ Fundraising for Movember 2023

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Have you ever fancied donning the chef’s hat and showcasing your culinary skills for a fundraising event? What if we told you there’s more to this challenge than just delicious dishes? It’s a mission – a delightful, shared quest to turn the tables on traditional gender norms. Together, we’re proving that the kitchen knows no gender. Every sizzle, stir, and seasoning by men like you is a step towards rewriting the narrative on International Men’s Day 2023.


International Men's Day 2023 | Male Childcare & Teaching Jobs

Our Grand Fundraising Goal for International Men’s Day 2023

Beyond the joy of cooking, our collective effort is also kindling awareness for a cause close to our hearts: Movember. We’re not just celebrating men’s culinary talents; we’re also championing men’s health and well-being. So, while we bake, boil, and barbecue, we’re also bolstering support for a movement that resonates with each one of us.


Man in the kitchen cooking | Male Childcare & Teaching Jobs

How does our ‘Men in the Kitchen Cook-Off’ Fundraising Event work?


📝 1. Register & Choose a Dish:

Kickstart your culinary adventure with us! Simply register by filling out our registration form, and let us know which dish you’ve got your heart set on preparing. Whether it’s a family recipe passed down through generations or a dish you’ve always wanted to try, the choice is all yours.


🎁 2. Receive Your Branded Kit:

Once registered, we’ll send over a specially curated kit to your doorstep. Within, you’ll find a branded apron to don for the challenge and possibly some unique kitchen utensils, depending on our lovely sponsors’ contributions.


📸 3. Document Your Culinary Journey:

As you dive into your cooking experience, keep us in the loop. Snap photos or record snippets of your process, from chopping the veggies to the final presentation. Alongside, jot down a brief description of your dish and the joy you felt during your culinary escapade.


🔍 4. Await the Judges’ Decision:

Our esteemed panel of nursery/school chefs will be evaluating each entry with a keen eye. Your passion for the dish, the story behind it, and of course, your culinary skills, will all be taken into account.


🎉 5. Join the Grand Online Finale:

Make sure you keep 19th November 2023 free in your diary! If your dish catches the judges’ fancy, you’ll be among the few to join us for an exhilarating online gathering. It’ll be an evening of camaraderie, celebration, and of course, the grand announcement of the ‘Men in the Kitchen’ champion!


Male School Chef | Male Childcare & Teaching Jobs

Meet the Judges of our ‘Men in the Kitchen Cook-Off’ Fundraising Event

We are thrilled to unveil the culinary maestros who will be gracing our event with their expertise and passion. Each one of our judges has made commendable strides in the realm of nursery and school culinary arts, and their dedication to challenging gender norms is truly inspiring. Without further ado, let’s get to know them a little better!


Nursery Chef Sam Handley | Male Childcare & Teaching Jobs

Sam Handley – Head Chef at Family First Nurseries

At just 27, Sam Handley’s culinary journey is nothing short of impressive. Since the age of 19, Sam has dedicated himself to the culinary world, and he has been an integral part of the Crews Hill team since April 2020.

His role goes beyond the kitchen; he knows and engages with the children, educating them about healthy food choices and often indulging them in delightful cooking activities. Catering for almost 75 children daily, Sam’s expertise lies in creating dishes that cater to diverse dietary requirements, from allergies to specific parental preferences.

His dedication has led him to be promoted to the Head Chef role for Family First Nurseries, where he designs menus not just for Crews Hill but for the entire company. Through collaboration with chefs from other sites and incorporating valuable feedback from parents, Sam crafts seasonal menus that emphasize balanced nutrition for the under-fives.

His commitment to well-balanced, nutritious, and delicious food, combined with his attentive approach to individual needs, makes Sam Handley an exemplary figure in the realm of nursery cooking.


Louise Mercieca | Early Years Nutrition Consultant

Louise Mercieca – Nutritional Therapist and Early Years Nutrition Consultant

At the intersection of health, nutrition, and early years education stands Louise Mercieca, a dynamic force in the realm of nutritional well-being for young children. A prolific writer with numerous articles and the notable book ‘How Food Shapes Your Child’ under her belt, she has delved deep into the intricacies of how food impacts a child’s development.

Her passion was kindled by two key elements: the journey she undertook with her young son and the extensive research she carried out for her debut book. Not just an author, Louise further extends her reach through the airwaves with her radio show ‘Food For Thought’ on Teacher Hug Radio.

Louise’s commitment doesn’t stop at raising awareness. As an Early Years Nutrition Consultant, she actively collaborates on menu development and nutritional education, ensuring that children receive a balanced and informed start to their dietary journey. Her driving belief is unequivocal: by understanding the bond between food and biology early on, we can preemptively address and potentially prevent many health and dietary issues adults grapple with later in life.

Her dedication to this cause positions her as a beacon for professionals in the Early Years sector, guiding them to understand the pivotal role food plays in holistic child health.


Sean Cowden | Chef Trainer at LEYF Nurseries

Sean Cowden – Chef Trainer at LEYF Nurseries

In the vibrant world of child nutrition and culinary training, Sean Cowden shines as a beacon of expertise and dedication. As of 2022, he took the reins as Chef Trainer for LEYF’s esteemed Early Years Chef Academy courses. Initiated by LEYF in 2019, the Early Years Chef Academy emerged from a pressing need: to guarantee that young learners receive the essential, nutritious food vital for their growth and cognitive development. Through this initiative, chefs are meticulously trained not only in the culinary arts but also in the nuances of child nutrition, sculpting them into experts that inspire children, staff, and parents alike to cultivate lifelong healthy eating habits.

Before his esteemed tenure at LEYF Nurseries, Sean donned the hat of a Head Chef at an independent school, bringing his culinary flair to the academic arena. Additionally, his role as a Training Specialist for Gail’s Bakery further showcases his diverse expertise and unwavering commitment to the world of culinary arts and education.


International Men's Day Grand Prize | Male Childcare & Teaching JobsThe Fundraising Grand Prize for International Men’s Day 2023

We are excited to announce the grand prize that awaits the culinary maestro of our Cook-Off Challenge – a meticulously curated men’s grooming and wellbeing kit that embodies sophistication and class.


Our winner will indulge in the finest self-care experience with an array of premium items, including:

  • The precision and style of the MANSCAPED Shears 2.0 Luxury Nail Kit
  • The stronghold of Captain Fawcett’s Expedition Strength Moustache Wax
  • The refined touch of Percy Nobleman’s Signature Beard Oil
  • The elegance of a Kent Brushes Premium Folding Pocket Comb
  • The soothing care of Bulldog Skincare’s Sensitive Duo Set
  • The purifying action of Lumin’s Exfoliating Rub for Men
  • The defining texture of American Crew’s Forming Cream
  • The iconic scent of Calvin Klein’s Obsession After Shave Balm


This comprehensive grooming kit ensures that our champion is pampered from head to toe, reflecting the epitome of a gentleman’s care routine.

So, to our aspiring chefs, let this grand reveal inspire your culinary creations. Remember, the true essence of this competition lies in the joy of cooking and the celebration of men’s health. Forge ahead with passion, and you might just whisk away this grandiose prize!


Fundraising Event Sponsors| Male Childcare & Teaching Jobs

Fundraising Sponsor Showcase for International Men’s Day 2023

In every movement, there are stalwart allies that amplify its voice and extend its reach. Our sponsors are not just brands; they are co-creators of positive change. With shared values and a mutual commitment to challenging gender norms and supporting men’s health, these organizations stand shoulder to shoulder with us, ensuring the success of our initiatives. Dive in and discover the incredible partners powering our mission.


Child Paths | Technology Partner for International Men's Day 2023

Sponsor Spotlight for International Men’s Day 2023: Child Paths – Technology Partner

We’re thrilled to introduce Child Paths as our esteemed Technology Partner for this year’s fundraising event. A trailblazer in the childcare and education software domain, Child Paths has always been at the forefront of bringing innovation to early years’ settings and primary schools. Their intuitive platform ensures educators and parents stay connected, providing real-time insights into a child’s day.

Furthermore, Child Paths’ commitment extends beyond technology. They resonate deeply with our cause, understanding the importance of challenging gender norms and fervently supporting men’s health. Their recent recognition as a finalist for the NMT Awards for Technology Product of the Year attests to their unwavering dedication to excellence.

Together with Child Paths, we aim to make this event a memorable and impactful one.


If you’re interested in joining our community of supporters and aligning your brand with a meaningful cause, there are still opportunities available. Reach out, and let’s create change together.

📩 Become a Sponsor today.


Fundraising for Movember 2023 | Male Childcare & Teaching Jobs

Join our Fundraising for Movember for International Men’s Day 2023

For those who’d like to make a direct contribution and delve deeper into the roles of our amazing sponsors, please visit our Movember fundraising page. Here, not only will you find more details on how the funds will be used, but our sponsors are prominently featured too, in recognition of their generous contributions to our cause.


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