About Us

Diversity in the Classroom

Created by a nursery manager who is passionate about diversity in the classroom and understands why male teachers are struggling at work, Male Childcare & Teaching Jobs aims to support both male candidates and gender-inclusive employers in finding each other and reaching their full potential.

Our Gender Inclusive Vision

Our gender inclusive vision is to raise awareness of gender stereotypes and tackle male underrepresentation in childcare and education settings.

We believe such a site is essential after working in many educational settings, where employers, members of staff and parents increasingly call for more male teachers and educators.

According to recent research, only 18% of people working in education are male. This could further expose children and young people to gender stereotypes and have a negative impact on the way educational settings promote British Values.

Because men represent such a minority within the education sector, Male Childcare & Teaching Jobs are here to help employers connect with the talented male candidates which are hard to find.

Furthermore, we strive to pave the way for future male generations to opt for a career in childcare and education. 


Our Gender Inclusive Mission

Male Childcare & Teaching Jobs aims to increase the representation of male teachers in nurseries and schools up to 40% by 2028.

How do we promote Diversity in the Classroom?